We are bringing you an easy guide on how to apply false lashes with 5 easy steps. When applying lashes it can seem a bit tricky but don’t worry, we got you covered. We will be discussing what supplies you need, how long to wait for the glue to dry before applying, and what is an easy was to actually apply them. Don’t get discourage if the first time around it isn’t as easy as it seems because practice always make perfect. Depending on your eye shape, you might find other tips or hacks that work better for you but here is a guide that has helped tremendously.

1. Grab Your Supplies

First, you want to make sure you have the tools needed to apply the lashes. Most importantly, you want to make sure you have your eyelash glue. Then, you will also need a mirror. It can be a compact or a hand mirror. Lastly, you will need an eyelash applicator. This part is optional because some people feel more comfortable applying the lashes with there fingers.

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2. Trim The Eyelash Strips

Before going full force in applying the lashes, you want to make sure you measure them against your eye. Some eyelashes can be too wide for your eye and if you don’t measure them and apply it directly, it can cause the eyes to look droopy with the excess of the eyelash being glued on.

When you go to measure the lash against your eye, check to see how much you would need to cut. After you have figured that out, you want to cut the inner corner part of the lash and not the outer end. Cutting the inner corner part, will allow you to still have the style stay the same after you cut it.

3. Applying The Lash Glue

When looking for a lash glue from beginners, the lash glue that has a brush tip at the end might make applying the lash glue on the band much easier. It will allow you to have a mess free experience and will also apply the lash glue evenly. Don’t forget to drag the glue all the way to the ends of the lashes as not doing that can cause the lash to lift in the inner or outer corners after application.

Once you apply the lash glue evenly across the whole band of the eyelash, you want to wait 30-40 seconds before applying the lashes on. During this period of waiting you can, bend the spine of the lash to secure a perfect curve that with align with your eye when you apply it. 

4. Use a Mirror To Look Downward As You Apply

Now it is game time!! The moment you have been waiting for. Take your mirror and hold it almost like under your face for a hand help mirror or if it’s a compact under your nose.

You want to make sure the mirror is facing upward. This angle will allow you to see your lash line because it almost will seem like your eyes are almost closed. It will expand the lid so you can get as close as possible to your lash line.

5. Apply The Lashes

Use your lash applicator if needed or you can do this with your fingers, but you want to get as close as possible to your own lash line when you are applying. When putting them on, start by placing the lash strip in the center part of your eye and then once you place it down, you can fix the outer and inner corners.

Since you waited the 30-40 seconds for the glue to dry down, the glue should be tacky and applying it to the inner and outer corner should be done effortlessly because it will stick right away. Once the lash strip has been glued down to your whole eye, you want to pinch the false lashes into your own eye lashes for a more seamless and blended look.

6. Use Eyeliner to Hide Band (Optional)

This part is optional because with some lashes you won’t need to hide the band or want to. By adding a thin line of eyeliner to blend the beginning of the band to the inner corner of your eye can complete your whole look depending on the style of lashes. When wearing dramatic lashes, this little trick allows you to have a very blended look but when the lashes are more natural looking this might not be necessary. You can also add a flick at the end if you wanted a small winged effect.

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