Founded in 2017, after noticing a gap between great quality products and affordability, we decided as a brand to embark on a journey to eliminate this gap in the beauty industry. 

The founder took her experience of being both a beauty junkie and a makeup artist for 7+ years to ensure the best buying experience by making sure that customers are beyond happy with the products that they would receive – both for its quality and the price. 

Freedom of expression through makeup.

As a company we believe in diversity, individuality, and creativity! We want to celebrate all ages, races and all genders who have a love for beauty and makeup. Our goal is to empower and inspire you to be the most unique person that you can be through the freedom of expression through make up.

It’s about you.

Today, SLAYBELLA is more than just a beauty brand, but a brand that has personality and creates a meaningful relationship with our customers. Whatever is important to you is important to us! We are looking to you when it comes to creating our high-quality products and providing a solution to your beauty needs. Every product we create is with you in mind to ensure your make up routine is as seamless as possible and adding some sparkle in your makeup bag.

Anissa Yanira

 Anissa Yanira, Co-founder & CEO at SLAYBELLA

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